Sunday, August 4, 2013

Info from my endocrinologist

With recent blogging, I frequently encounter some reasonable disbelief, even hostility on occasion (as per my post Polarities in reception), so I decided to check in with my endocrinologist to get some more facts about my diagnosis and see what he thinks about my whole not having to take insulin anymore situation.

I e-mailed him asking if it was possible that I don't actually have type 1 diabetes. I had heard that perhaps up to 20% of Type 2 diabetics have insulin antibodies and even perhaps 15% of non-diabetics do.

To my inquiries he told me the following:

-When I was diagnosed, blood sugar was 445 mg/dl, serum insulin low at 3.3 uU/ml and A1c of 10.5%.
- there were both GAd and IA-2 insulin antibodies
-I was not overweight, nor have I ever been insulin resistant
-No, I do not have Type 2 diabetes. It is Type 1.

His best guess is that:
- the beta cell destruction may have been arrested
-some degree of beta cells have been allowed to regenerate
-I test positive for C-peptide (meaning I make insulin)

From what I have learned in my study of yoga and diet, the diet I eat now is full of foods that are non-inflammatory (wheat, one that I cut out, is one of the inflammatory food that contribute to auto immune responses), and the yoga further decreases inflammation and stress hormones through its attention to the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. (for more on this, see this article)

So there are the facts, and some speculation as to the situation via my endocrinologist.

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