Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bone Broth Recipe

In the previous post, I mentioned a home made bone broth I am eating as part of the "Beef and Leaf" diet. Here is the recipe if you are interested in making it for yourself. It is wonderfully nourishing and healing for the stomach and digestion.


-4 to 5 pounds of beef shank or knuckle bone with the tendons attached if possible
-6 to 8 quarts of water (spring water or filtered)
- 1 tablespoon salt
-1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (absolutely necessary)
- the white parts a bunch of scallions
-1 onion seared in a pan
-3 to 4 slices of ginger 3mm thick each

1. Bring large stock pot of water enough to cover bones to a boil
2. Boil bones for 10 minutes to clean them off
3. Drain water and fill pot with 6-8 quarts water and bones
4. Combine rest of ingredients and bring to a boil
5. Cover and cook for 6-8 hours
6. Let cool and skim off layer of fat that rises to the top.
7. Store by freezing in various containers to be accessible when needed.

Many people ask where to buy bones. You will notice that even run of the mill grocery stores like Shaw's, Albertsons, Shop Rite, Food Lion, etc. will have beef marrow bones in the meat section. You just didn't notice them because you weren't looking for them! You can also go to a butcher and ask directly. Even whole foods has them frozen. Grass feed beef bones are the preference, though I realize that your regular supermarket will not be too likely to have those.

This recipe is taken from Chris Chen. 

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