Sunday, July 28, 2013

Taking notes

When I first started noticing that consistent meditation practices and dietary changes had an effect on blood sugar, I needed hard number to validate my observations. For two weeks, I took careful notes and observations on all of the food I ate and the exercise I did and wrote down all of my blood sugars and insulin doses as well as all of the nutritional details. I made a little journal notebook that looked like this:

I filled this out daily for about 2 weeks straight. Everything I ate went in the table. You might have to add extra lines if you end up eating more than 10 times a day. I used it to basically prove to myself that I could have lower average blood sugars eating less carbs.

But since cutting out all the carbs, I used the table to track how much fat and protein I was consuming so that I could figure out exactly how many calories I was having a day.

I also took note on how many miles I walked each day (living in NYC means at least 2 miles of walking daily) as well as if I did exercise or meditation practice that day (which it should be every day, not just most). I had all the data at hand and could say exactly how many carbs I ate, how many calories I got and what the effect was on my blood glucose.

You could do it for 1 week eating how you do now, then another week cutting out all carbs and replacing those calories with other food and compare.

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